Different Kinds of Purity - 4th Purity

The fourth purity is Purity by overcoming doubt (kankhavitarana visuddhi).

When purity of view has arisen, panna developed through satipatthana sees

the characteristics of dhammas as they really are. Panna sees realities

as they are while sati is aware of the characteristics of realities as they

appear through the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tongue, the bodysense and

the mind-door. In that way panna becomes accomplished to the degree that

the second stage of insight can arise: knowledge of discerning conditions of

nama and rupa (paccaya-pariggaha-nana). When one directly understands

that realities arise because of their appropriate conditions, doubt about their

conditional arising is eliminated. Then there is the purity by overcoming




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