Jhanacittas - Twelve arupavacara cittas

Since there are four stages of arūpa-jhāna, there are four types of arūpāvacara kusala cittas. They produce vipāka in the form of rebirth in the happy planes of existence which are the arūpa-brahma planes. The four types of arūpāvacara kusala cittas produce four types of a arūpāvacara vipākacittas. Arūpāvacara vipākacitta can only perform the functions of patisandhi, bhavanga and cuti.


There are four types of arupavacara kiriyacittas which are the cittas of

the arahats who attain arūpa-jhāna. Thus, there are twelve arūpāvacara

cittas in all. Summarizing them, they are: 


4 arūpāvacara kusalacittas

4 arūpāvacara vipakacittas

4 arūpāvacara kiriyacittas

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