Planes of Existence - Planes of existence & plane of citta II

As we have seen, not only akusala cittas, but also ahetuka cittas are asobhana cittas (cittas which are not accompanied by sobhana cetasikas). As regards the asobhana cittas which are ahetuka, the ahetuka cittas which arise in a process of cittas experiencing an object through one of the sense-doors, can arise only in the planes where there are sense-impressions.

Seeing-consciousness and hearing-consciousness arise in the eleven sensuous planes of existence (the four woeful planes, the human being plane and the six heavenly planes which are sensuous planes:  the deva planes) and they arise also in fifteen rūpa-brahma planes, thus they arise in twenty-six planes of existence.


Smelling-consciousness, tasting-consciousness and body-

consciousness arise only in the eleven sensuous planes. Thus, they do

not arise in the rūpa-brahma planes or in the arūpa-brahma planes.


Pañca-dvārāvajjana-citta (five-sense-door-adverting-consciousness),

sampaticchana-citta (receiving-consciousness) and santīrana-citta

(investigating-consciousness) arise in all planes where there are sense-

impressions, thus they arise in twenty-six planes (in the eleven sensuous

planes and in fifteen rūpa-brahma planes; the rūpa-brahma plane which is

the  asañña-sattā plane is excepted).


The mano-dvārāvajjana-citta (mind-door-adverting-consciousness) arises

in all planes where there is nama, thus it arises in thirty planes.

Topic 193