Doors and Physical Bases of Citta - Cittas and cetasikas arise on the same base

Vithi-vimutti-cittas which experience an object without dependence on any

door, also have a physical place of origin. Although they are not dependent

on any doorway, they could not, in the planes where there are both nāma

and rūpa, arise without a vatthu. A new life begins when the patisandhi-citta

arises; however, there is not only nama, there has to be rūpa as well. The

hadaya-vatthu is the rūpa which is the vatthu of the patisandhi-citta. All

bhavanga-cittas and the cuti-citta have the hadaya-vatthu as their physical



The five kinds of pasāda-rūpa are the vatthus of the pañca-viññānas. As

regards the vatthu of the two types of kāya-viññāna (body-consciousness,

which can be kusala vipāka or akusala vipāka), this can arise all over the

body. Any part of the body which has sensitivity, can be vatthu for the kāya-



The vatthu is the place of origin not only of citta, but also of cetasikas arising

together with the citta. Thus, except in the planes of existence where there is

only nāma there has to be rūpakkhandha as well when the four

nāmakkhandhas arise.

Topic 190