Doors and Physical Bases of Citta

Six rupas are bases (vatthus) where cittas arise, in the planes of existence where there are five khandhas, which are both nama and rupa. These six rupas are called 'vatthu rupa'. Summarizing them, they are:

Cakkhuppasada rupa, which is the eye-base, the place of origin for the two types of seeing-consciousness.  Sotappasada rupa, which is the ear-base for the two types of hearing- consciousness.  Ghanappasada rupa, which is the nose-base for the two types of smelling- consciousness.  Jivhappasada rupa, which is the tongue-base for the two types of tasting- consciousness.  Kayappasada rupa, which is the body-base for the two types of body- consciousness. Hadaya rupa (the heart-base), which is the place of origin in the planes where there are five khandhas for all cittas other than five pairs of sense- cognitions.

The five pasada rupas can be doors as well as bases, the place of origin. The hadaya-rupa is the base, the place of origin, for the cittas concerned, but it is not a doorway.

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