Objects and Doors - Discourse on the Six Sixes II

The person who has 'wise attention' instead of attachment, aversion or ignorance can make an end to the cycle of birth and death, Further on we read :


'..He, being impinged on by pleasant feeling,

does not delight, rejoice or persist in cleaving to it;

a tendency to attachment is not latent in him.

Being impinged on by a painful feeling,

he does not grieve, mourn, lament, beat his breast or fall into disillusion;

a tendency to repugnance is not latent in him.

Being impinged on by a feeling that is neither painful nor pleasant,

he comprehends the origin and the going down and the satisfaction

and the peril of that feeling and the escape as it really is,

a tendency to ignorance is not latent in him.

That he, monks,

by getting rid of any tendency to attachment to a pleasant feeling,

by driving out any tendency to repugnance for a painful feeling,

by rooting out any tendency to ignorance

concerning a feeling that is neither painful nor pleasant,

by getting rid of ignorance, by making knowledge arise,

should here and now be an end-maker of dukkha--this situation exists.


Seeing this thus, monks,

the instructed disciple of the ariyans turns away from eye,

turns away from material shapes,

turns away from visual consciousness,

turns away from impact on the eye,

turns away from feeling,

turns away from craving.

He turns away from ear,

he turns away from sounds....

He turns away from nose,

he turns  away from smells....

He turns away from tongue,

he turns  away from tastes....

He turns away from body,

he turns  away from touches....

He turns away from mind,

he turns away from mental states,

he turns away from mental consciousness,

he turns away from impact on the mind, 

he turns away from feeling,

he turns away from craving, 

Turning away he is dispassionate;

by dispassion he is freed;

in freedom is the knowledge that he is freed, and he comprehends:

Destroyed is birth, brought to a close the Brahma-faring,

done is what was to be done, there is no more of being such or so.'


Thus spoke the Lord. Delighted, these monks rejoiced in what the Lord had

said. And while this exposition was being given the minds of as many as sixty

monks were freed from the cankers without grasping.'


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