Functions of Citta in the Sense-Door Process and in the Mind-Door Process - Kusala and akusala subjected to conditions II

One may wonder whether it is necessary to know in detail about cittas and their functions. Is it not enough to know only about kusala cittas and akusala cittas? Apart from kusala cittas and akusala cittas we should know also about other kinds of cittas which perform different functions in the processes of cittas and which arise because of different conditions. Then there will be more understanding of the fact that there is no self which can direct the arising of particular cittas at particular moments. There is no self which can decide for kusala cittas. People have different accumulation and thus, when an object presents itselt, there will, in the process of cittas which experience it, be the arising of kusala cittas or akusala cittas, according to one's accumulations. When, for example, different people smell delicious food, some people may have akusala cittas while others may have kusala cittas. Those who are attached to food are bound to have lobha-mūla-cittas. In the case of someone who has accumulations for dāna (generosity), kusala citta may arise when he has smelled the food ; he may wish to offer food to the monks. In the case of others again there may be kusala cittas with paññā which realizes smell, for example, as only smell, a rūpa which is not some 'thing', which is devoid of 'self'. If there can be 'wise attention' to the object at this moment, there will be more conditions for 'wise attention' in the future.


Kusala cittas and akusala cittas are bound to arise because we have

accumulated both kusala and akusala. People are inclined to blame the world

for the arising of their defilements since they do not know that defilements

are accumulated in the citta; defilements are not in the objects around

ourselves. One might wish to be without the six doors in order to have no

defilements. However, the only way to eradicate defilements is : knowing the

realities which appear through the six doors.

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