Functions of Citta in the Sense-Door Process and in the Mind-Door Process - Dvi-pañca- viññānas I

When visible object contacts the eye-sense the eye-door-adverting- consciousness (cakkhu-dvārāvajjana-citta) adverts to visible object through the eye-door. When the cakkhu-dvārāvajjana -citta has fallen away it is succeeded by seeing-consciousness (cakkhu-viññāna). The function of seeing (in Pāli : dassana-kicca) is performed by seeing-consciousness (cakkhu-viññāna). Seeing is vipāka: it is the result of kusala kamma or akusala kamma. We are born in order to receive the results of our deeds and therefore the current of bhavanga-cittas is interrupted and vipākacittas arise after the pañca-dvārāvajjana-citta


The citta which performs the function of seeing (dassana-kicca) only sees

visible object. This citta does not like or dislike, it is an ahetuka

vipākacitta. Neither does it think about the object. If one does not develop

right understanding one does not realize that the citta which only sees visible

object is a reality different from the citta which likes or disllikes the visible

object and different from the citta which pays attention to shape and form.

Because of our accumulated ignorance and wrong view we do not realize the

impermanence of citta which falls away as soon as it has arisen and which is

succeeded by another citta which is a different reality.

  There are only two kinds of citta which can perform the function of seeing: one is akusala vipāka and one is kusala vipāka.

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