Different Types of Patisandhi-citta - Nineteen types of rebirth consciousness

Summarizing the nineteen types of patisandhi-citta, they are : 

                      1  akusala vipāka santīrana-citta (ahetuka, result of 

                          akusala kamma) 

                      1  kusala vipāka santīrana-citta (ahetuka, result of 

                          kāmāvacara kusala kamma) 

                      8  mahā-vipākacittas (sahetuka, results of kāmāvacara 

                          kusala kamma) 

                      5  rūpāvacara vipākacittas (sahetuka, results of 


                      4  arūpāvacara vipākacittas (sahetuka, results of 



We do not know which of our deeds will produce the patisandhi-citta of our

next life. We do both good deeds and bad deeds; any one of these deeds or

even a deed performed in a former life can produce the patisandhi-citta of the

next life. The Buddha encouraged people to perform many kinds of kusala

kamma. Each good deed is very valuable; it is certain to bear its fruit sooner

or later. 

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