Different Types of Patisandhi-citta - Rebirth consciousness with beautiful roots III

It is useful to know more details about patisandhi-citta, because it can help us to understand why people are so different. 


The eight types of sahetuka patisandhi-citta which are the results of

kāmāvacara kusala kammas do not arise only in the human plane, but they

also arise in those heavenly planes of existence which are kāma-bhūmi or

'sensuous' planes of existence. 


There are thirty-one classes of planes of existence in all. Eleven planes

are kāma-bhūmis (or kāma-lokas), of which one is the plane of human

beings, six are heavenly planes and four are woeful planes. Beings born in

one of the kāma-bhūmis have kāmāvacara cittas; they receive sense

impressions. There are also other heavenly planes which are not kama-



If one is born in one of the kāma-bhūmis and cultivates jhāna (absorption)

one can, besides kāmāvacara cittas, also have rūpa-jhānacittas and arūpa

-jhānacittas. If one cultivates the Eightfold Path one can have lokuttara

cittas (cittas which directly experience nibbāna). 

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