Different Types of Patisandhi-citta - Rebirth consciousness with beautiful roots I

The patisandhi-citta which is sahetuka vipāka (with beautiful roots) is the result of kusala kamma which is of a higher degree than the kusala kamma producing an ahetuka patisandhi-citta. There are eight different types of sahetuka vipākacittas which can perform the function of patisandhi. 


People are born with characters which are different; they are born with

different degrees of wisdom or without wisdom. The patisandhi-cittas of

people are different. When the patisandhi-citta is sahetuka, it is always

accompanied by alobha (non-greed or generosity) and adosa (non-aversion or

kindness), but not always by wisdom. It can be accompanied by wisdom or it

can be without wisdom, depending on the kamma which produces it. 


Apart from the difference in the number of roots (two hetus or three hetus)

which accompany the sahetuka patisandhi-citta there are other differences.

Kusala kamma which produces the patisandhi-citta can be kamma performed

by kusala citta with somanassa or with upekkhā, by kusala citta which is

asankhārika (unprompted) or sasankhārika (prompted). Thus we see that

several factors determine the degree of kusala kamma which produces its

result accordingly. 

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