Different Types of Patisandhi-citta - Rebirth consciousness produced by kamma

Akusala  kamma and kusala kamma of different beings can produce nineteen different types of patisandhi-citta in all, arising in different planes of existence. One of these types is akusala vipāka and eighteen types are kusala vipāka. Of the types of citta which are kusala vipāka, one type is ahetuka kusala vipāka and seventeen types are sahetuka kusala vipāka (accompanied by beautiful roots). There are many degrees of each of these nineteen types of patisandhi-citta because kamma can be of many degrees. It is due to kamma that people are born ugly or beautiful and that they are born in unpleasant or in pleasant surroundings. The fact that one is born into miserable circumstances does not mean that one's next birth will also be in miserable circumstances. It all depends on the kamma one has accumulated. As regards people who are born into happy circumstances, if akusala kamma produce results, their next birth may be an unhappy one. 
Topic 184