Different Types of Patisandhi-citta - Two classes of rebirth consciousness

One could divide human beings as regards their birth into two classes: 

                 1.  Those who are born with a patisandhi-citta which 

                      is ahetuka  kusala vipāka  (which means that the 

                      kusala vipākacitta is not accompanied by beautiful 

                      roots: by alobha or generosity, by adosa or kindness, 

                      or by paññā or wisdom) 

                 2.  Those who are born with a patisandhi-citta 

                      which is sahetuka kusala vipāka (kusala vipāka 

                      accompanied by beautiful roots)


When a human being is born with a patisandhi-citta which is ahetuka, his

birth is the result of kāmāvacara kusala kamma, but the degree of the kusala

kamma is less than the kusala kamma which produces a sahetuka patisandhi-

citta. People who are born with an ahetuka patisandhi-citta are handicapped

from the first moment of life. Eye-sense or ear-sense does not develop or

they have other defects. However, when we see someone who is

handicapped we cannot tell whether there was at the first moment of his life

an ahetuka patisandhi-citta or a sahetuka patisandhi-citta. We cannot tell

whether someone was handicapped from the first moment of his life or

whether he became handicapped later on, even while he was still in his

mother's womb and thus we do not know which type of patisandhi-citta he

was born with. The fact that a person is handicapped has not happened by

chance; it is due to one's kamma. 


There is only one type of patisandhi-citta which is ahetuka kusala

vipāka, but there are many degrees of this vipāka. The kamma which

produces this vipākacitta can cause birth in different kinds of surroundings: in

unpleasant surroundings, though not in woeful planes, and in pleasant

surroundings. It can even cause birth in the lowest heavenly plane. 

  There is also an ahetuka patisandhi-citta which is akusala vipāka. This type of citta does not arise in the human plane, but in a woeful plane. Only one type of patisandhi-citta is akusala vipāka, but it is of many degrees. There are many varieties of akusala kamma and thus there must be many varieties of unhappy rebirth. The unhappy rebirth we can see in this world is birth as an animal. There are three more classes of woeful planes, which we cannot see; they are the world of the 'petas' (ghosts), the world of 'asuras' (demons), and the hell planes. 

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