Ahetuka Cittas which are Unknown in Daily Life - Dvi-panca vinnanas

There are eighteen types of ahetuka citta, cittas arising without hetu (root). Fifteen types of ahetuka citta are vipaka. As we have seen, ten of these fifteen cittas are dvi-pañca viññānas. They are: 






Each of these is a pair of which one is akusala vipāka and one kusala vipāka.


Seeing-consciousness is the result of kamma. When it is the result of an ill

deed, seeing-consciousness is akusala vipākacitta which experiences an

unpleasant object; when it is the result of a good deed, it is kusala vipākacitta

which experiences a pleasant object. The function of seeing-consciousness is

experiencing visible object.

Topic 182