Different Aspects of Citta - Cittas experience objects through six doors

The objects which we experience are the world in which we live. At the moment we see, the world is visible object. The world of visible object does not last, it falls away immediately. When we hear, the world is sound, but it falls away. A citta is that which experiences something; it experiences an object. Each citta must experience an object, there cannot be any citta without on object. Cittas experience different objects through the six doors of eyes, ears, nose, tongue, bodysense and mind. Seeing is a citta experiencing that which appears through the eyes. We can use the word 'visible object' for the object which is seen but it is not necessary to name it 'visible object'. When visible object contacts the  eyesense there are conditions for seeing. Seeing is different from thinking about what we see ; the latter is a type of citta which experiences something through the mind- door. Hearing is a citta which is different from seeing; it has different conditions and it experiences a different object. When sound contacts the earsense, there are conditions for a citta which experiences sound. There have to be the right conditions for the arising of each citta. We cannot smell through the ears and taste with the eyes. A citta which smells experiences odour through the nose. A citta which tastes experiences flavour through the tongue. A citta which experiences tangible object experiences this through the bodysense. Through the mind-door citta are able to experience all kinds of objects. There can be only one citta at a time and citta can experience only one object at a time.


We may understand in theory that a citta which sees has a characteristic

which is different from a citta which hears, and that citta is different from a

physical phenomenon which does not experience anything. Knowing this may

seem  quite simple to us, but theoretical knowledge is different from knowing

the truth by one's own experience. Theoretical knowledge is not very deep; it

cannot eradicate the concept of self. Only in being aware of phenomena as

they appear through the six doors, will we know the truth by our own

experience. This kind of understanding can eradicate the concept of self away

again. We are absorbed in and infatuated with the objects we experience

through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, bodysense and mind-door, but not one of

these objects lasts. What is impermanent should not be taken for self.

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