The Five Khandhas - Khandhas can be experienced

The khandhas are realities which can be experienced. We experience rūpakkhandha when, for example, we feel hardness. This phenomenon does not stay;  it arises and falls away. Rūpakkhandha is impermanent. Not only rūpas of the body, but the other physical phenomena are included in rūpakkhandha as well. For example, sound is rūpakkhandha; it arises and falls away, it is impermanent.


Vedanākkhandha (feeling) is real; we can experience feelings.

Vedanākkhandha comprises all kinds of feeling. Feeling can be classified in different ways. Sometimes feelings are classified as threefold:  pleasant feeling, unpleasant feeling, indifferent feeling.


Sometimes they are classified as fivefold. In addition to pleasant feeling,

unpleasant feeling and indifferent feeling there are:  pleasant bodily feeling   

painful bodily feeling


Bodily feeling is feeling which has bodysense, the rūpa which has the capacity

to receive bodily impressions, as condition; the feeling itself is nāma, but it

has rūpa (bodysense) as condition. When an object contacts the bodysense,

the feeling is either painful or pleasant; there is no indifferent bodily feeling.

When the bodily feeling is painful it is akusala vipāka (the result of an

unwholesome deed), and when the bodily feeling is pleasant it is kusala

vipāka (the result of a wholesome deed).

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