The Five Khandhas - All cetasikas classified as three khandhas

As regards the fifty-two kinds of cetasika which may arise with citta, they are classified as three khandhas: a cetasika which is feeling (vedanā) is classified as one khandha, the vedanākkhandha; the cetasika which is remembrance or ''perception'' (saññā) is classified as one khandha, the saññākkhandha; as regards the other fifty cetasikas, they are classified altogether as one khandha,  the sankhārakkhandha. For example, in sankhārakkhandha  are included the following cetasikas: volition or intention (cetanā), attachment (lobha), aversion (dosa), ignorance (moha), loving kindness (mettā), generosity (alobha) and wisdom (paññā). All defilements and all good qualities are included in sankhārakkhandha, they are impermanent not ''self''. Sankhārakkhandha is sometimes translated as ''activities'' or ''mental formations''.
Topic 175