The Four Paramattha Dhammas - Cetasika II

As we have seen, feeling, vedana is a cetasika which arises with every citta. Contact, in Pāli: phassa, is another cetasika which arises with every citta; it ''contacts'' the object so that citta can experience it. Perception or remembrance, in Pāli: saññā, is also a cetasika which arises with every citta. In the Visuddhimagga (XIV, 130) we read that   saññā   has the function of perceiving:

...Its function is to make a sign as a condition for perceiving again that  'this

is the same', as carpenters, etc., do in the case of timber...


Citta only experiences or cognizes an object; it does not  'mark' its object.

Saññā  marks the object so that it can be recognized later. Whenever we

remember somethings it is saññā,  not self which remembers. It is saññā

which, for example, remembers that this colour is red, that this is a house, or

that this is the sound of a bird

Topic 174