The Four Paramattha Dhammas - Citta II
Another way of classifying citta is by plane of consciousness, in  Pāli bhūmi. There are four different planes of consciousness : kāmāvacara citta, rūpāvacara cittas, arūpāvacara cittas,  lokuttara citta.


The sensuous plane of consciousness (kāmāvacara cittas) is the plane of

sense-impressions, which are: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and the

experiencing of tangible object through the bodysense. On account of

pleasant and unpleasant objects experienced through the senses kusala cittas

(wholesome cittas) and akusala cittas (unwholesome cittas) arise. There are

other planes of citta which do not experience sense-impressions. Those who

cultivate samatha (tranquil meditation) and attain absorption (jhāna), have

jhānacittas. The jhānacitta is another plane of citta; it does not

experience sense-impressions. The lokuttara citta (''supramundane

consciousness'') is the highest plane of consciousness because it is the citta

which directly experiences nibbāna.

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