Phrases on Buddhism
202  From discussions with Acharn Sujin in England

One cannot live without pleasure and one cannot live without dhammma. Wise people cannot live just for pleasure. The wise one will live with pleasure and with understanding.

The development of awareness is the highest degree of kusala.

As the moment of aversion find out whether it's just a name or a reality which is the object of aversion.

The outside is very clean the body is washed, but how many times are citta and cetasika washed with understanding.

The fire on one's head is this moment.

No matter we are happy or sad. Dhamma should be the important thing in life.

Life cannot be smooth without Right Understanding.

If people think that Dhamma will destroy their happiness, they don't understand Dhamma.

We cannot rate the prize of the `Best Friend'.

Lobha encourages wrong view and wrong view encourages lobha. They are friends.

When one enjoys something very much nobody can help, because there are conditions for that degree of enjoyment, but Right Understanding can understand and awareness can be aware. And that moment of awareness is the eightfold path. So one should understand all conditioned realities that happen one's life.

Seeing is conditioned, pleasant feeling is conditioned. It has its own conditions already. We shouldn't prepare any other conditions for any reality to arise.

Understanding can follow all six doorways until there is no doubt about conditioned realities.

Nobody can condition any reality.

The present moment is the most important moment.

The disadvantage of seeing is that attachment follows it. The advantage of seeing is that understanding follows it.

As long as there is expectation Vipassana nana cannot arise.

One has to be so very patient to understand the teachings.

There is always danger when there is experiencing of an object with ignorance. It's like stepping on a thorn. If there is no development of sati, we enjoy stepping on thorn.

The teachings are the Dhamma mirror, they help to see inside clearly

Date 31 Mar 2024