Glossary of Pali Terms
134  K

kala moment

kalaya-mitta good friend in Dhamma.

kama sensual enjoyment or the five sense objects.

kama bhumi sensuous plane of existence.

kamacchanda sensuous desire.

kama-sobhana cittas beautiful cittas of the sense-sphere.

kama-tanha sensuous craving.

kamavacara cittas cittas of the sense-sphere.

kama-vitakka thought of sense-pleasures.

kamma intention or volition which may be wholesome or unwholesome; it is also the deed motivated by volition.

kammaja-rupa rupa which is originated by kamma.

kamma-patha course of action, which is wholesome or unwholesome.

kamma-paccaya kamma-condition.

Kammassakata nana understanding of the specific nature of kamma as ‘one’s own’ or understanding that kamma is the cause of vipaka (result) . Beings will receive the appropriate results of their deeds.

kamogha the flood of sensuous desire.

kamupadana sensuous clinging.

kankhavitarana kankha means doubt and vitarana means overcoming.

karuna compassion.

kasina disk, as meditation subject in the development of calm.

kaya body. It can also stand for the 'mental body', the cetasika.

kaya-dhatu element of bodysense.

kaya-duccarita virati abstinence from wrong action.

kayappasada rupa bodysense, the rupa which is capable of receiving tangible object. It is all over the body, inside or outside.

kayavinnana body consciousness, the experience of bodily impressions.

kaya-vinnatti bodily intimation, such as gestures, facial expression, etc.

kaya-ujukata uprightness of cetasika.

khandhas aggregates of conditioned realities classified as five groups: physical phenomena, feelings, perception or remembrance, activities or formations (cetasikas other than feeling or perception), consciousness.

khanika marana momentary death of a reality.

khanti patience.

khattiya those of the highest social rank. All kings and chieftains were katthiyas.

kicca function (of citta) .

kilesa defilement.

kiriyacitta inoperative citta (neither cause nor result) .

kukkucca regret or worry.

kusala wholesome.

kusala citta wholesome consciousness.

kusala kamma a good deed.

Kusala of the four planes of citta kusala of the sensuous plane (kamavacara), kusala of the level of rupa-jhana, of arupa-jhana and kusala which is supra mundane (lokuttara) .

Date 28 Mar 2024