Glossary of Pali Terms
132  I

idan-saccabhinivesa kayagantha the bodily tie of dogmatism.

idan-saccabhinivesa the tie of dogmatism.

iddhipadas four “Roads to Success”. Iddhi means power or success and pada is foot or step. The iddhipadas in vipassana are a basis for reaching enlightenment. They are among the thirty-seven factors pertaining to enlightenment, bodhipakkhiya dhammas.

Indriya faculty. Some are rupas such as the sense organs, some are namas such as feeling.

Indriyas five 'spiritual faculties' are wholesome faculties which should be cultivated, namely : confidence, energy, awareness, concentration and wisdom. A faculty is 'leader' in its own field.

indriya-paccaya faculty-condition.

issa jealousy.

Date 28 Mar 2024