Glossary of Pali Terms
127  D

dana act of generosity, liberality.

dassana kicca function of seeing.

deva heavenly being.

dhamma reality, truth, the teachings

dhamma-dhatu element of dhammas, realities, comprising cetasikas, subtle rupas, nibbana.

Dhammanudhamma patipatti the practice of the Dhamma in conformity with the Dhamma (anudhamma) . The practice of the Dhamma so that one attains supra mundane Dhamma, enlightenment.

dhammarammana all objects other than the sense objects which can be experienced through the five sense-doors, thus, objects which can be experienced only through the mind-door. 

dhamma-vicaya investigation of Dhamma.

Dhammasangani the first book of the Abhidhamma Pitaka.

Dhatukatha, Discussion on the Elements, the third book of the Abhidhamma.

dhatu element.

ditthasava canker of wrong view.

ditthi wrong view, distorted view about realities.

ditthigata sampayutta accompanied by wrong view.

ditthigata-vippayutta attachment which is dissociated from wrong view.

ditthogha the flood of wrong view.

ditthupadana clinging to wrong view.

domanassa unpleasant feeling.

dosa aversion or ill will.

dosa-mula-citta citta rooted in aversion.

dukkha suffering, unsatisfactoriness of conditioned realities.

dukkha vedana painful feeling or unpleasant feeling.

dvara doorway through which an object is experienced, the five sense-doors or the mind-door.

dvi-panca-vinnana the five pairs of sense-cognitions, which are seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and the experience of objects through the bodysense. Of each pair, one is kusala vipaka and one akusala vipaka.

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