Learn more about things which are real and appearing
In order to be able to understand and to become familiar with dhammas one should, by listening to the teachings, learn more about the things which are real and which are appearing. In this way people will very gradually acquire more understanding of realities. Generally people are inclined to think of the result which is far off, namely the penetration of the noble Truths, the direct experience of the characteristic of nibbana. However, if one does not know the characteristic of the dhamma which appears right now, one will not be able to realize the characteristic of nibbana. At this moment the characteristic of nibbana does not appear, but the reality which can be experience through eyes appears. The reality which can be experienced through ears appears, it arises and then falls away, time and again. Therefore it is important to remember that we should investigate and study the Buddha's teachings. The Dhamma he taught is about all realities which can be experienced in daily life through eyes, ears, nose, tongue, bodysense and mind. If we listen to the Dhamma we can gradually come to understand the characteristics of the realities which are appearing right now. We will not merely have theoretical understanding acquired by thinking about them, but we wiil have understanding of the characteristics of the realities which appear.  

Topic 90