What is wrong view?

It is a distorted view of realities, a misinterpretation of them. Do we, for example, know hearing as o­nly an element which hears or do we still cling to an idea of self who hears? Do we know sound as it is, as o­nly a reality which can be heard, or do we take what is heard for a "person" or a "thing" such as a voice or a car? Person, voice or car are concepts we can think of but which cannot be heard. Hearing and thinking occur at different moments and these realities experience different objects. Only o­ne object can be experienced at a time through the appropriate doorway, but we still have many misunderstandings about reality. Through the study of the Dhamma we may have acquired theoretical understanding of realities as being impermanent and non-self, but wrong view cannot be eradicated through theoretical understanding.It can o­nly be eradicated through the practice, through the development of the eightfold Path.
Topic 44