Degrees of understanding

Could you tell me more about the different degrees of understanding
Buddha’s teaching?
               As regards paying respect to the Buddha image, people who have a higher level of understanding know that the Buddha has passed away completely. When o­ne has studied the teachings more deeply and when o­ne has tried to verify them in daily life, o­ne understands that, although the Buddha has passed away, it still makes sense to pay respect to him. It is the wholesome mental state of the person who pays respect to the Buddha or who offers something to him which will bring its result accordingly. Every good action brings a good result to the person who performs it. o­ne reaps what o­ne has sown. The person who pays respect to the Buddha with the right understanding does not have a confused idea of a Buddha in heaven who could see him or hear him. The image of the Buddha reminds him of the virtues of the Buddha. He thinks of the wisdom of the Buddha who found the Path to complete freedom from sorrow all by himself and who was able to help other people as well to find this Path. He thinks of the purity of the Buddha, of the purity in all his deeds, his speech and his thoughts. He thinks of the compassion of the Buddha, who taught out of compassion for everybody.

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