It is a long way off

There are different kinds and degrees of panna, wisdom, and the Bodhisatta developed them all. The Bodhisatta knew what was good and what was harmful for beings, and this is wisdom. Out of compassion he gave advice both with regard to material welfare and spiritual welfare. Also during the lives when he was an animal he saved other beings from destruction. Bhante Dhammadharo read to us the "Supparaka-Jataka", the story of the Bodhisatta’s life as a wise mariner who guided people on a ship through dangerous seas, collected treasures for them and brought them safely home. When he had become the Buddha he guided beings through the sea of samsara, the cycle of birth and death, and he helped them to reach safety, to reach the real security which is the end of rebirth. Bhante Dhammadharo said that one has to be "long-sighted" to be able to develop panna. The ultimate result will be the attainment of nibbana, but that is a long way off. One cannot attain nibbana immediately when one has just begun to develop panna, it takes countless lives. One has to know what the stumbling blocks are, one has to know the right conditions for the growth of panna, one has to study realities and consider them carefully, over and over again.
The Bodhisatta developed the wisdom based on learning, that is: wisdom through studying, listening, memorizing and interrogation. He developed the wisdom based on reflection, he considered paramattha dhammas, and he developed insight, direct understanding of realities. He had listened to several Buddhas and, thus, he had learnt to develop satipatthana. Out of compassion he also helped other beings to develop wisdom.

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