Attachment Aversion Ignorance

We cling to ourselves time and again. When we miss someone who is dear to us there is sadness and this is conditioned by clinging to our own pleasant feeling, the feeling we derive from being in the company of that person. When we realize more often our many moments of clinging, it is the beginning of right understanding and this is beneficial. It is better to know ourselves than to be ignorant our whole life.

Most people do not like to have dosa, because it is accompanied by unpleasant feeling and one dislikes unpleasant feeling. However, we should not forget that it is our clinging to pleasant objects which conditions dosa. When we have experienced ourselves that attachment leads to sorrow it will help us to see its disadvantage. Moha, ignorance, is dangerous. It arises with each akusala citta. Ignorance blinds us. Because of ignorance we do not see realities as they are, we do not see what is right and what is wrong. Because of ignorance we take for beneficial what in reality is harmful. It is because of ignorance that we do not realize that clinging is harmful.

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