What are the benefits Buddhism can give me?


Question: Do we have to have faith in what the Buddha taught

in order to be good Buddhists?

Answer: We don't have to follow the Buddha's teachings blindly. We learn

what he teaches, and then we have to verify it ourselves; we have to consider

it carefully. Through the practice we can prove that he taught the truth.


Question: What are the benefits Buddhism can give me?

Answer: When you know the truth of all realities of life there will be less

sorrow for you. When you know that the adversities of life are only

conditioned realities you will be able to cope with your problems.


Question: I am quite happy; I have very few problems in my life. Many

people can be happy without any religion. Why do I need Buddhism in order

to find happiness?

Answer:  I am not satisfied with the explanations about life which are

given by science, biology or chemistry. Through Buddhism I learn what life

really is: one moment of experiencing an object. There is a moment of seeing

and then thinking about it. There is a moment of hearing and then thinking

about it. It is the same with smelling, tasting and touching. They are usually

followed by many moments of thinking. When one finds out more about the

realities of one’s life one realizes one’s faults and vices. On account of what

one experiences through the five sense-doors and the mind-door, many defilements arise.

Question: What do you mean by defilements?

Answer:  Those are unwholesome states of mind which are not beneficial.

They cause harm to us or to others sooner or later. Hatred, for example, is an

unskillful state of mind. When hatred arises we harm ourselves and others.

At such moments there is no peace of mind; there is savagery. 

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