Subject to conditions

Buddha explained what is kusala ( wholesome ) and what is akusala, but can he force anyone? He could only show the way leading to the end of defilements. Someone may like to have sati ( mindfulness ), but who can have it if there are no conditions for it? One may want the dhammas that arise to be different, but instead of such clinging there should be detachment. One may try very hard to make sati arise (by contemplating), but if there is no understanding of it as a conditioned reality that arises and falls away it is useless. On the other hand, when there are conditions for sati nobody can prevent its arising. This shows us that there is no need to try to have sati. The entire Tipitaka explains the nature of anatta of realities. The arising of direct awareness and understanding depends on the right conditions and they cannot arise even if one is told a hundred times. When akusala arises it can remind us of the truth about our accumulations and this is the way to develop panna (right understanding). Ignorance conditions more akusala and panna conditions more kusala.
Topic 14